Our Story

The Sustainable Clothing Brand that Cares

Folklore has it that when the Milesians arrived in Ireland from Spain, each of the three Goddesses of Ireland- Banba, Ériu and Fódla, asked the bard of Amergin to name the country after them. Accompanied by loyal fairies, it was on top of Naini Mountain; today known as the Slieve Felim Mountains in Co. Limerick, that Fódla made this request. Although the privilege was ultimately bestowed upon her sister Ériu, poets past and present have used Fódla as a literary name for Ireland.


Now it is being used as the name of our brand. Why? Well because we feel that the courage which imbued Fódla to stand atop a mountain and declare the island of Ireland her own is the same courage we all need to face life’s challenges.


From the challenge of Sustainability to the challenge of Not Losing Hope even when times are tough. We all can reach the Top of our own Mountain and we are committed to playing our part in everyone’s journey. 


This is why all our clothing is produced in an Eco-Friendly and Sustainable manner with Ethical certification (Fairwear & Peta). All of our tees are sustainably made from 100% organic cotton, only organic cotton and recycled polyester are used to ethically make our sweatshirts and our gilets and windbreakers are made from 100% recycled polyester. The design and printing takes place in Dublin, Ireland. 

It's also the reason why we donate 5% of each sale to homeless charities throughout Ireland. In addition to regularly donating clothing that is most needed by those dealing with homelessness, i.e. socks, scarves, gloves and hats.




Take the first step up your Mountain today and we will be there alongside you!