What is Sustainable Packaging?

Why Sustainable Packaging is needed

A topic that we have touched on before through our Instagram page, packaging is an excess that we firmly believe is completely unnecessary. Total packaging waste in just the EU in 2016, amounted to an eye bulging 86 million tonnes. The majority of which was plastic. That translates to about 176kg per person in the EU.

We know that presentation; especially in the fashion industry, is key. But in reality, would you not rather pay less for a garment and have it delivered in minimal packaging as opposed to paying a perceived 'luxury price' for tissue paper, wrapping paper, polybags along with a host of other add-ons that are pleasing on the eye but serve very little purpose otherwise.

Our approach to Sustainable Packaging

Back in July when the idea of our Irish inspired clothing brand Fódla started to take shape, we knew that functional yet minimal packaging was something that we wanted to be known for. Hence why we set about sourcing the most suitable mailing bags for our vision. Ultimately we settled upon bags sold in county Longford that are 100% recyclable. Whilst the bags in question are promoted as being 100% compostable, we are careful not to advertise them as so because when you stop to think about it, everything is compostable. In fact, Californian State law prohibits the sale of any products labelled as 'compostable'.

Once we were happy with our mailing bags, we knew we were 90% of the way there. All we needed then were eco-friendly swing tags. In stepped Offaly based- the Factory. Printed with vegan plant-based ink on 100% recycled paper, the end result is a swing tag that accompanies every delivery that leaves Fódla HQ.

The only pivot we have made is to avail of An Post's special Christmas 100% recyclable mailing bags. We just couldn't resist getting in on the Christmas vibe.

Recyclable Packaging

On a more serious note, the savings we make from keeping our packaging to an absolute minimum plays a considerable role in allowing us to donate 5% of each sale to Homeless charities across the country. We certainly believe that's a much better use and allocation of funds.

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