What is Ringspun Combed Cotton?

Ringspun Combed Cotton- What's that?

The cotton used in all of our tees and sweatshirts is organic ring-spun combed cotton. But what does ring-spun combed cotton actually mean?

Unlikely a question raised at the dinner table, the majority of people have probably never heard of it. We are all accustomed to seeing '100% regular cotton' used to describe a t-shirt on a clothing website but how often have you seen the words 'ring-spun combed cotton?' Once, twice maybe.

Part of the reason why is that regular cotton t-shirts are cheaper and easier to make. We all know quality and comfort aren't exactly the guiding principles of the fast-fashion brands whose names we won't mention.

Eco-Friendly & Sustainable Ring-spun combed cotton on the other hand is all about quality and comfort. For a start, the yarn used is much smoother thanks to an innovative spinning process that softens and straightens every single fibre. Next, the fibres are combed to remove any impurities or imperfect strands. All of the fibres run parallel to each other meaning that bulky and uneven finish that is associated with regular cotton is avoided.

Why we use Ringspun Combed Cotton

To wrap up, with ring-spun combed cotton you get a softer, durable and overall better quality garment. If the cotton is 100% organic, along with being ethically and sustainably certified (Fairwear and Peta) well then you are really onto a winner. Gentle on your body and the environment! Featured below is our Borrisoleigh Men's Fitted Tee.

Borrisoleigh Men's Black Fitted Tee

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