What is Recycled Polyester?

Recycled Polyester- What makes it Special?

100% of the Polyester used in our sweatshirts is recycled polyester. How does it differ from regular polyester I hear you ask, read below to find out!

We all know polyester is a type of fabric. We all own garments that contain a certain percentage of it but aside from that, what else do we really know about polyester? For the most of us, nothing.

Right now you are probably thinking, 'that's ok, I have no interest in knowing more anyway'. But what if I told you that production of virgin/regular Polyester involves large quantities of chemicals, raw materials and by-products that are toxic and not only cause human health issues but also pollute our water and our air. 

Recycled Polyester on the other-hand; eco-friendly and sustainable, makes use of pre or post-consumer plastics that are no longer fit for their original purpose. A classic example is plastic water bottles. They are converted into tiny pellets, melted, and then spun into yarn.


When compared against traditional polyester, recycled polyester production results in a:


  • Significant reduction in greenhouse gas emissions
  • Large decrease in water usage
  • Limits the presence of used plastics in our oceans
  • Garment that is Eco-Friendly & Sustainable


The simple act of recycling single-use plastic bottles as opposed to throwing them into a bin has an undeniable positive effect on both our own health, the health of wildlife and the health of our environment.

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