Mushera Mountain Hike

Mushera Mountain Hike Trail

Hiking Mushera

As the old adage goes- "Nobody is perfect.. but being from Cork is close enough". For those of you who may not know, one half of the Fódla team is a born and bred Corkonian so it was only a matter of time before a hike in the Rebel county was on the agenda.

Glengarriff and Gougane Barra are perhaps better known but what Mushera lacks in fame it makes up for in sheer hiking enjoyment. This 2.3km moderate hike is simplicity at its finest.

Getting to Mushera

You might recall the trouble we had finding the starting point for our Coumshingaun Lough Hike, no such problem exists when it comes to Mushera. Enter 'Millstreet Country Park' into your sat nav and you will arrive at a small car park directly opposite the mountain. Simply cross the road and your hike begins.

Depending on the weather, the first 10-20m can be a bit of a doozy so wellies are advisable, particularly as we enter the winter months. Staying close to the fence on the left is your best option to successfully navigate the watery conditions. Once past this section, the terrain is generally dry. As you travel onwards and upwards, the hills can seem never ending at times so do yourself a favour and take regular breaks so that you can turn around and enjoy the beautiful views.

Female Hiking Mushera Mountain

Akin to the already mentioned Coumshingaun, you will encounter copious amounts of heather and whins. But fear not as various paths are practically laid out in front of you as you ascend. It is our advice to not veer too far away from the fencing to the left that is present from the bottom right to the top.

Mushera Peak

501metres above sea level marks the top of Mushera mountain. At a steady pace with frequent breaks taken, we made it to the top in 41 minutes. As is customary for Mushera trekkers, we scribed a cross symbol on one of the cairn rocks using a nearby stone. The fog which reigned over unfortunately meant our view was hindered slightly but the almost spooky feeling was yet another reminder that Halloween is just around the corner (we climbed the mountain the weekend before Halloween).

If you have completed the Mushera Mountain Hike or indeed any hikes around the Cork area, please share your experience with us!


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