Giving Model 2021 Update

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We admit we have been quiet lately as we've wrestled with starting new jobs, moving house and who could forget, the ongoing global pandemic. Also, much to the displeasure of all of you, our stock levels are currently very low. Trust us, we know. More on this later so you're going to have to read on ;).

With all of the above going on, it's important to know that we're still donating to homeless charities. As a direct result of having limited stock levels which means limited sales, we've bundled up recent donations to charities rather than rigidly sticking to our donate each month plan.

ICHH Donation

Back in February we donated €60 to the wonderful folk at the Inner City Helping Homeless charity in Dublin. As has been the case for many years now, our capital city Dublin continues to be the worst affected region when it comes to homelessness. Unfortunately, it's not something that we or you as part of the wider Fódla family can solve but we most certainly can help. A flywheel doesn't gather momentum from one giant push it's the accumulation of hundreds of small pushes that finally allow it to rotate of its own free will, knocking down barriers in its path. With your help, we'll continue to push.

Cork Simon Community Donation

More recently, we donated €100 to the south of the county, more specifically, the Cork Simon Community. Not to contradict ourselves but whilst homelessness is particularly hard felt in Dublin, it is very much a national problem. That's why we've pivoted to donating to homeless charities across Ireland, not just Dublin. Since launching Fódla we have received terrific support from the Rebel county so it made clear sense to support the wonderful Cork branch of the Simon Community.

The Future for the Fódla Clothing Brand

Not content with being a "one and done"; despite taking longer than expected, our newest collection will be worth the wait. We hoped it would be launched as a Spring/Summer collection but it is looking increasingly more like an Autumn/Winter drop (weather wise is there much of a difference in Ireland anyway?). Whilst our original collection and actual naming of the brand paid homage to the Irish Goddess Fódla, our newest collection is inspired and named after the Tuatha Dé Danann- a supernatural race in Irish mythology that are thought to represent the main gods of pre-Christian Gaelic Ireland.

Have those eyes of yours peeled on our Instagram page for more details to be released soon!

As always, all the best & keep safe- PMCG & ÚB

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